I’ve been a bad blogger…but I’ve also been published in Time Out.


Yes, I admit it…I’ve been a bad blogger.  I’ve sincerely and sinfully broken the cardinal rule of content creation – the very thing I stress to my clients – KEEP CREATING CONTENT.  I am so, so busted.  By myself.

However, while the blog here at Chad Giron Consulting has been laying (or is it ‘lying’? I don’t have the AP style book in front of me) fallow, I’ve been busy working as a Vice President of Client Relations for DDC Public Affairs and contributing to their blog.  See?  Right here I wrote about how sometimes the simplest infographics tell the best stories.  And, sure, I could reproduce that entire post here.  But, naaaah.  It’s nothing that you guys don’t already know.  But, here’s something else I’m a little proud of…I got published in Time Out.

Why is that cool (to me)?  I don’t know.  I suppose because anytime I’d go to New York or to London and I wanted to figure out something cool, fun, interesting or exciting to do, I’d pick up Time Out.  Time Out was where you went to discover which bar or event would really kick ass on a Saturday night versus whatever dusty old stuff Arthur Frommer was recommending.  So, I’m happy to be in it.  And, without further ado (link to original post here) 29 Things That You Will Realize After Moving to DC.

1. You haven’t visited a museum since you moved here. And they’re free.

2. The minimum price for a beer is $6. Weirdly, if it’s a local beer, it’s $9.

3. The best live theater you will see is Ben Affleck testifying in front of Congress.

4. Nobody wants your company’s free Wizards tickets.

5. You will not find street parking near E Street Cinema. You think you will. You did that one time. You won’t. Just park in the garage. You don’t want to be late for your movie.

6. It’s worth it to fly out of National airport. It’s. Worth. It.

7. If you have friends in Bethesda, they will not go to Arlington. If you have friends in Arlington, they will not go to Bethesda.

8. You shouldn’t have sold your car.

9. DC Prom IS the White House Correspondents Dinner.

10. You will take everybody who visits on the same tour around the monuments. It will last about three hours. Then you will have no idea where else to take them for the rest of the day.

11. You don’t even know who your home town Congressman is, even though you might’ve just had a beer with him at Cap Lounge.

12. You are probably not the smartest person in the room. But you are definitely not the dorkiest person in the room.

13. Every new restaurant on 14th Street actually looks and tastes the same.

14. Calling the people who hang out on H Street “hipsters” is like calling the Washington Redskins a “football team.” Brooklyn and Portland have hipsters. A hipster in DC is just a person who bought Warby Parker glasses and wore sneakers to work.

15. DC does have the best cupcake in the world. And it’s in Georgetown. But it’s not Georgetown Cupcake. That’s for tourists and rubes. Mmm…Baked & Wired is the best.

16. Hey, did everybody buy their clothes at Banana Republic/J Crew/Ann Taylor, too?

17. DC public transportation is a joke. City buses are basically Thunderdome, and the Metro is a Disney ride that’s only really useful for people who live in Virginia.

18. That friend of a friend who works for “the State Department” and who travels a lot doesn’t really work for the State Department. They work for that agency that starts with a “C” and ends in “IA.”

19. The best way to enjoy a Nats game is to just pay for the cheapest general admission tickets and hang out at the Red Porch bar. Nobody’s watching the game, anyway.

20. You have no idea what is half smoked in a “half smoke.” Actually, nobody does.

21. You dominated trivia night back in Kansas. Dorothy, when it comes to trivia, you’re not in Kansas anymore.

22. Lowest volume of work for highest pay? Trade associations. Highest volume of work for lowest pay? PR firms.

23. You are incredibly fit and stylish—compared to the chubby tourists in American flag T-shirts and jorts who clog the Mall.

24. You can buy many buttons and ribbons at Eastern Market. It’s the same stuff every weekend. Why isn’t it cooler?

25. DC has one proper dive bar. Dan’s Cafe. Glass of liquor. Can of mixer. Bucket of ice. Slice of perfection.

26. The Native American Museum is totally worth visiting…for the cafe.

27. The rents = Manhattan. The restaurants < Manhattan.

28. You’ve heard of Anacostia. You’ve never been to Anacostia. You will almost certainly never go to Anacostia.

29. Stand right, walk left.

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