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I Will Learn To _____________ in 2014

This article originally appeared on the Business2Community website New Years resolutions.  Like opinions (and something else less family-friendly I’ve heard used in this adage), everybody has ‘em. This year, mine is to dive deeper into digital analytics and become a ninja rock star (can we please retire both of these superlatives?) in Google Analytics and […]

The Most Dangerous Games: Sochi 2014

This article was featured on the Adotas digital marketing newsletter Here we are. 2013 is in the rearview mirror. The end of the year is so predictable it’s almost depressing. You hear Wham!’s “Last Christmas” way more than you want to. “Love, Actually” plays on a loop all over cable. And you’re pelted with year-end lists and year-in-review pieces. […]

Twitter & TV: 5 Predictions

  (Originally published on the blog) In the run up to its pending IPO, Twitter’s moving into TV in a big way. Last week, on October 9th, the company announced a partnership with Comcast wherein users tweeting about Comcast-associated TV shows (like NBC’s ‘The Voice’) would be served up a ‘See It’ button that […]

News You Can Use: October 11th Edition

(Originally published on the blog) Facebook Debuts Improved Measuring Tools Mashable breaks down Facebook’s improved tools for measuring brand pages. 10 Word (or less) Summary: New Page Insights dashboard better breaks down engagement & traffic metrics. Everything Else You Need to Know You can check out Facebook’s own video on the updates here. The updates aim at […]

PR Pros: 10 Signs Your Boss Is Out Of Touch

#10. “Did you fax out the press release?” (Cue Grumpy Old Man voice) BACK IN MY DAY, people actually used to fax out press releases.  No, seriously.  In the year 2000!  Didn’t you ever wonder why Cision still includes fax numbers?   #9. He or she still has a Blackberry.  And, correspondingly, also perhaps a […]

The WORST Part of Obamacare…Is Its PR Campaign

“Obamacare” goes into effect across the nation today, ushering in a fundamental and sweeping change to our universally acknowledged struggling healthcare industry…and the public hates it.  Despite not even knowing what the heck it is. I would say that this recent clip from ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ (below) says it all, but after you watch it, […]

Flying High: Why Airlines Get Social Marketing Right

Originally published on the blog Airlines aren’t great at lots of stuff.  Airline food?  Not great.  Getting you to Newark on time?  Not great.  Mergers?  Ask American Airlines and US Airways.  Social marketing?  Pretty great, actually. In May, social brand agency Headstream completed a Social Brands 100 report ranking, you guessed it, the top […]

The [Un]official Content Marketing Calendar

Originally published on the blog Today is July 17.  Did you know that, according to Brafton, ‘Back to School’ marketing starts…now?   If you’re anything like me, you hate it when retailers start blasting Christmas music while Halloween candy is still on the shelves (unless it’s Mariah Carey’s ‘All I Want For Christmas Is […]

Edward Snowden Isn’t A Traitor…Or A Patriot…He’s A Millenial

I’ll admit it – I’ve been a bit at odds with myself over what to think about the (not so ‘alleged’) NSA leaker Edward Snowden. The “Patriot” argument (which I’ve been leaning “against”) goes something like this: Conscientious and moralistic young fella takes it upon himself to share extensive details of classified information about the […]